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Anna Sóley is a vocalist and songwriter from Iceland. She combines words and music seeking inspiration from literature and life. Anna works within the singer-songwriter tradition and mixes folk music and contemporary jazz with impressionistic lyrics, spoken word poetry, and improvisation.

Photo credit Elza Bērziņa

Her fascination with stories and storytelling goes back to her childhood. She began writing poetry at the age of seven and enjoyed improvising melodies over random songs on the radio. Anna studied jazz vocals and literature both in Iceland and the Netherlands.


Modern Age Ophelia, her debut album, focuses on artistic conversations with characters from literature and life. The lyrics explore the line between reality and fiction, the peculiar power of superstition and everyday reality in a dreamlike atmosphere. At the same time, the album looks inward processing emotions and asking existential questions. Musically it draws from folk music, contemporary jazz, and classical music, playfully going through different compositional techniques.

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